Custom Homes

Tellus was a dream to work with and a refreshing surprise given how difficult it can be to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable construction company who has my best interest at heart. They are personable, professional, and did fantastic work. I have recommended Tellus to my friends and family because I am confident that they will do a great job and know they are a respectful and reliable company.

Built From The Ground Up

Tellus can build your custom home to any specifications.

Our Mission

To never stop growing, never stop learning, and always be searching for better ways to serve our clients, improve our industry, and deliver a perfect finished product.

To be better than our competition at every position in our Company, and during every stage of the Build process.

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What Sets Us Apart

We never forget that we work for our clients first; not our Trades, not our Vendors, or Designers.

We believe that it’s our duty to deliver not only a superior Product and Service, but to also act as our client’s advocate and always operate with their best interests in mind.

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