Keller Williams

We were on an extremely tight timeline, but had to be mindful with our palette selection staying consistent with the Keller Williams brand. The final product was a comfortable workspace for all, with a pretty stellar curb appeal.

Updated and Flexible Commercial Space

Two hundred independent agents needed to call this their work home, so office flow and usability was of utmost importance. Conference rooms and large open areas with bold wall graphics fostered a sense of identity and flexibility.

Our Mission

To never stop growing, never stop learning, and always be searching for better ways to serve our clients, improve our industry, and deliver a perfect finished product.

To be better than our competition at every position in our Company, and during every stage of the Build process.

Meet Tellus

What Sets Us Apart

We never forget that we work for our clients first; not our Trades, not our Vendors, or Designers.

We believe that it’s our duty to deliver not only a superior Product and Service, but to also act as our client’s advocate and always operate with their best interests in mind.

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