"Just the greatest experience we could have hoped for. While other firms were always 'late' and 'less than' your firm exceeded every expectation. Our facility is willing to recommend your team for any project. We are a church, a school, and now our new conference center is nearing completion. Thank you for everything."

Our Design + Build Approach

We understand that a renovation or new construction project comes with a mix of emotions: stress, excitement, worry, and oftentimes, being overwhelmed. For most of us, our real estate is our most valuable asset, and upgrading our real estate is our biggest investment. It's a major time investment as well; weeks, months, even years, and literally hundreds of decisions to be made. Our industry-leading estimates and design pack offering are truly top-of-the-line; giving you the peace of mind you need for an investment such as this.

We realize that most of the concerns our clients have simply come from a lack of knowledge, or unfortunately, a negative prior experience. Tellus will be your advisor and educator from the start to...

- Alleviate tension and make sure this project is a great experience
- Clarify questions
- Take away uncertainty
- Avoid any "surprises" that are all too common in our industry

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    Construction Consultation

    Do you have an idea, a basic concept, or maybe even some preliminary drawings or plans? Construction Consultation should start now. Regardless of whether you're dealing with one of our designers or your own, the General Contractor is the one that turns your concept and vision into a reality and will offer a unique perspective based more on the time, feasibility and cost of your project. Tellus can provide you with an initial project consultation and budgetary pricing early on in the design process. We will also be retained throughout the design process, to give you the builder's perspective and budget updates as your concept evolves into a buildable plan. If we've missed you during the preliminary design and you're about to sign a contract with another builder, or you're mid-project and feeling overwhelmed that it's not going quite right, Tellus offers unique services for every stage of the build process:
    • Pre-job Contractor screening
    • Contract review and negotiation on your behalf
    • Project Schedule and timeline enforcement to get you back on track
    • Quality control during the project or at final inspection
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    From the development of basic sketches or simple plans for over-the-counter permits, to a full construction build-set that details every item in your project, all the way down to the light-switch… this is true design. Our ability with and use of VR (virtual reality) and 3D renderings offer you a once only dreamed of view of your design. Based on your wants and needs, 90% of the concept, functionality, efficiency, and of course, aesthetics of your project will be discussed, debated, and decided upon during this stage. When we put the thought and effort here, construction becomes the fun part!
    Yes, there will always be changes and “tweaks” in the field as the planning we've done becomes a reality and you get a chance to see your vision come to fruition But nothing sets us up for success more than a solid, well thought-out, and detailed design.
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    Construction Management

    There are numerous ways to actually set -up and contract construction projects: cost plus, management only, contract per plan, design + build, etc. As a custom construction company, we're here to customize our services to your specific needs. But regardless of how a project is set -up, some form of construction management is the service constant on all construction projects. It includes project set-up, providing a detailed construction timeline (and sticking to it), ordering materials, scheduling various subcontractors and crews to perform the work, working with the city and county inspectors, providing you with daily and weekly updates regarding the project's progress (not to mention our effective use of drones), ensuring your home or building is safe and secure, and of course, quality controlling the work to perfection. The relationship between the owner and the construction manager is usually long term and develops into a strong bond based on trust and respect, maintained through constant communication. So, finding a team you feel comfortable working with is extremely important.
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    So the house is perfect! Now what? We have interior design specialists ready to assist you with every selection—all the way down to the bath towels. As a contractor offers a unique perspective to the project, so too does the interior designer. If you personally connect with someone who truly "gets" your style, they can be involved in the project from the very beginning, and assist you with selecting your finishes, tile, countertops, cabinet design, colors, textures, and furniture. This ensures your new or renovated home looks and feels as good as it was designed and built.
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    Residential Renovations

    A kitchen remodel, a room addition, adding a second story to your home, or tearing half the house down and rebuilding it to your liking…these are residential renovations. It may come as a surprise, but the construction process is virtually the same whether it's a bathroom remodel or a complete teardown and rebuild. The same types of crews with relevant specialties perform their work in roughly the same order - from initial demolition, all the way to the finishing touch-up.
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    Commercial Construction & Renovations

    Construction work on commercial structures follows a very similar build process to residential construction and renovations, but usually with different motivations and requirements by both the building owner—and by the local governing body enforcing the building code. Functionality, retail appeal, employee comfort, the affects a disruption to the workplace has on production, and how the project will affect your business' bottom line are all factors commonly dealt with in a commercial environment. Tellus is experienced in addressing and planning for all the unique needs your business has during your new construction or renovation.
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    Custom Home Construction

    From an empty plot of land to a complete tear-down and re-build, from the ground up, if it can be built, we can do it. Regardless of the style inspired by you and completed during the design process: Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Mediterranean, “Green” and every combination in between, we're here to make your custom home a reality.

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